Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to book a move with you?

Booking a move with Eli Relocation is simple. Here is an outline of our booking process to guide you.

Step 1

Submit your contact information in the quote form on this website, or pick up the phone and call us to receive a written estimate from a Relocation Specialist.

Step 2

After we discuss your move, you will receive a free no-obligation quote. Speak with your Relocation Specialist to ask any questions you may have. You may also call us to make adjustments to your move date, size of the move, or to discuss any other requirements that may have changed.

Step 3

Once you have finalized the quote, click on the electronic signature on the Order For Service that is sent to you via email. This will confirm your order.

Step 4

Print out the credit card authorization form, fill it out and then either scan and email it back to our email address, or fax it back.

Step 5

After your job has been booked by your Relocation Specialist, it will be sent to our Dispatch Department. Any questions regarding your pick-up or delivery, please contact dispatch directly at (866) 551-6683.

Where can I find reviews?

You can see our customer reviews conveniently on our website. Click the button below to read our Customer Reviews.

Don’t Be Fooled By Bad Reviews

If you found us online elsewhere, please be advised there is another company that is not associated with Eli Relocation with a similar name. You may have found a company called Eli Transport, Inc. based out of Florida. Don’t get us confused!

Will the estimated price change?

If you have selected an estimate based upon a binding not to exceed price the estimate will only increase if additional services are desired. Otherwise, the total cost will not exceed the estimated amount to transport the specified items in the list.

Please advise your Relocation Specialist of any accessorial services, such as flights of stairs, elevators, extra drop-offs or pick-ups, re-delivery, storage, long carries or other services needed; as these may incur supplemental charges.

Our estimate is based upon the description of the items to be moved and the services to be performed as provided by the customer. If any additional pieces, packing services, weight, or labor services are added at the origin or destination to those quoted the customer may be charged for these services.

What does a standard move include?

Our Standard Full Service Moving Includes

  • Transporting of your shipment does include all tolls, fuel and taxes.
  • Professional loading and unloading of all your items.
  • Standard disassembly and re-assembly of furniture.
  • We will wrap and protect your furniture with moving blankets.
  • Basic limited liability protection of $0.60 per lb. per article.
  • Moving of items up to 75 feet from your residence.
  • No charge for one flight of stairs at origin and destination.

Standard Full Service Moving Does NOT Include

  • Materials, such as, Boxes, Mattress Covers, Bubble Wrap, Tape, Shrink Wrap, and Packing Paper.
  • Boxing/packing of articles, such as dishes, clothes, glass items, mattresses etc.
  • Crating or boxing of fragile or breakable items that require additional special care.
  • Unpacking of boxes.
  • Boxing of TV’s, computer monitors, glass-top tables, mirrors, pictures and statues.
  • Washers, dyers and refrigerators are not disconnected or reconnected.
  • Cribs are disassembled but not reassembled.

When will my items arrive?

When you book your move, you will let us know the desired “pick up” and “delivery” date you have selected. The delivery date you choose is considered your “first available delivery date”. Your items will arrive within a window after that date. We discuss this with you and explain this in full detail when you speak with one of our Relocation Specialists. Please call us to discuss your exact move, so that we can properly provide an estimated time frame for your move.

If you require a Guaranteed Delivery date please let your Relocation Specialist know and we will provide you with a quoted rate based on your requirements.

To get the lowest quoted price from any moving company, please be flexible with your delivery dates.

Do I have to be there on moving day?

A moving company may not pick up an interstate shipment if the customer/shipper is not present at the pick-up location to receive and sign the bill of lading, order for service, and other required legal documents.

However, the customer/shipper may designate a representative/agent to be present at the pick-up and sign the contracts on their behalf. The person receiving the items must be over the age of 18.

What are the insurance options for my items?

In most states, moving companies are prohibited by law from selling insurance policies.

As per federal regulation, you will need to select a liability option. The default carrier liability is “60 cents per pound per article”. For example, if a table that weighs 100 lbs were to sustain damage during the course of your relocation, the maximum carrier liability would be $60.


You will select an insurance liability level later, on the bill of lading (contract) for your move. Before selecting a liability level, please read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” provided by the moving company, and seek further information at the government website

What if some of my items have damage prior to pick up?

It is the customer’s responsibility to bring it to our crew’s attention of any damages upon pick up or delivery. We will make the notes on our inventory pages.

Anything else I should be prepared for?

Be prepared for this move to your new destination. Never pack any medications you or your family will need immediately. Be prepared and pack plenty of clothing for day to day activities such as work, school, personal, or seasonal.

Packing For Your Move

Should I take everything out of my dresser/drawers to transport and tape shut?

You can leave loose articles such as light jackets, blouses or linens. Do not leave any kind of perfumes/colognes or oils. And you may tape shut.

Should I label my boxes?

Yes! We do make labels for your shipment and have inventory stickers; however it is easier if the client knows which box goes where. (example: Kitchen Box 1 of 5).

Do I tape my boxes or is this included?

Tape your boxes closed, we are a full service moving company; however any materials used are not included in our price unless otherwise stated on your Order for Service.

Are you going to load/unload and disassemble / reassemble?

As stated in the Order for Service, we will load and unload. And we will disassemble and reassemble standard furniture. We will not reassemble what we did not disassemble. For safety reasons, cribs are disassembled but not reassembled.

Do you take trash bags / plastic bins?

No. Trash bags are not taken; you need to have your personal belongings in boxes. Trash bags will be placed in boxes for stacking purposes. We do allow plastic bins; however upon the stacking of furniture they are likely to break open or damage.

How should I pack my boxes?

When packing your boxes, think of stacking and transportation. Before taping a box shut ask yourself if another box can be stacked onto this one without damage.

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