Last Minute Moves

Call us at Eli Relocation in Phoenix for great last minute moving service, low rates, and all the moving help you need. Our specials will save you money off our already low-cost rates. This process is something we help our customers with time and time again. We often beat out the major van lines with our affordable last minute moving rates and quality customer service.Take advantage of our moving expertise. Because you have less time to plan and pack, these types of moves can feel  rushed, disorganized, and stressful. Trust the last minute moving experts.

Professional Last Minute Moving

At Eli Relocation in Phoenix we would more than love to provide you with top-notch last minute moving service and fully pack your location in the most professional manner, with the utmost care. We understand the need to save money in today’s economy. Because you are in a rush, we can also provide you with time-saving moving tips. Whether your last minute move is from Phoenix or anywhere in the Arizona area, we can get you ready to go and on your way quickly. We specialize in long distance relocations. So, a last minute move out of state is not a hassle to us. It is what we do,

We’re With You Step By Step

Last minute moving often sneaks up on us and hands up a long list of things that need to be done right now. We walk with you step by step throughout your move. You stay in contact with the moving consultant, the head dispatcher, the driver and the qualified Project Supervisor. You always know the location of your household possessions through the relocation journey. Let us be the stress-free part of your moving process.

Fast Last Minute Moves From Arizona

For last minute moving service from anywhere in the Phoenix area or across the nation, the most important priority is your delivery time. At Eli Relocation our strong advantage is that we operate our own fleet of trucks. We get it to you, door-to-door on our trailers. We customize your move, delivery time, and, most important to you, the handling of your precious possessions. Contact the last minute moving experts in Phoenix today.

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